Ashley Smith

Tech Savvy Meets Dependable Experience

A multi-faceted customer service and social media marketing professional with over 10 years of experience in general service industry operations, e-commerce platform management, multi-channel sales integration, website design, and graphic design.

Veteran of the remote work environment with specialties in content creation and internet sales that have been utilized in the promotion of online business presence and brand development.
Small business owner background offers a personal and professional touch to customer relations as well as the leadership qualities needed to gain success in the blossoming shift to online solutions.

Over 25+ years of writing experience for content mills like Tempesta Media and PayPerPost.
Local and state-wide familiarity with the music industry on a personal and as a graphic designer and brand awareness professional.

Seeking something to be passionate about the focuses on providing the groundwork for others to live their dreams no matter the mode or motivation.

Willing to relocate: Anywhere
Authorized to work in the US for any employer


Work Experience

Booking Agent

Union Recording Studios July 2020 to Present
• Booked talented artists to utilize five popular 24/7 recording studios with or without an engineer according to schedules and social distancing guidelines.
Freelance Illustrator - Beaumont, TX January 2020 to Present
• Managed online presence on social media
• Utilized social media promotional opportunities to gain clients
• Provided project updates every 2 days for possible revisions
• Mastered the use of Procreate to produce commissioned products • Developed and finalized character designs
• Used animation software to provide animated options to clients
• Created brand awareness files for businesses
• Created mascots for online gaming streamers


Content Writer

Tempesta Media - Beaumont, TX January 2017 to Present
• Wrote articles in particle subjects of expertise as deemed by company parameters • Had articles published on the company website
• Researched and cited all necessary information for the commissioned articles.
Personal Computer Technician
E-commerce Store - Beaumont, TX August 2019 to February 2020
• Designed computers according to client specifics and budget • Sourced parts to turn a profit
• Built computers to client preferences and aesthetic needs
• Provided technical support to clients
• Shipped fully built computers safely to clients
• Provided replacements and in-home repair services • Managed customer relationships

 Graphic Designer (Freelance)

Foxx It Up Inc. - Kountze, TX January 2015 to January 2020
• Managed accounting and budgeting for entire company.
• Designed social media promotional graphics and videos for influencers.
• Created and designed merchandise graphics for local musicians and venues.
• Sourced new customers and maintained relationships with repeat clients.
• Designed business promotions for social media, web, and video.
• Delegated and compiled service packages according to the client.
• Provided full brand awareness files for each and every client.
• Troubleshot client issues with implementing designs or issues with aspects of the design.

 Assistant Manager

Dickey's Barbecue Pit - Lumberton, TX March 2018 to September 2019
• Managed all complaints brought to management
• Scheduled and lead catering for local events according to the customers requirements and company guidelines
• Managed employee scheduling
• Conducted regular inventory and custodial duties per Health Inspection requirements
• Key-holder, lead opening and closing duties
• Managed register deposits and cash drawers
• Provided cheerful, informed interactions with each and every customer to guide them towards the best choice according to their preferences.
• Regularly succeeded in up selling designated menu items

 Captioning Specialist/Transcriptionist - Beaumont, TX January 2016 to July 2018

• Carefully listened and watched videos to transcribe for closed captioning
• Formatted captions according to company policy
• Navigated and proficiently used designated captioning software to impose captions on the given assignment
• Finished tasks in the allotted time
• Self assigned projects and maintained a high level of accuracy and industry protocol


TEXAS ROSE - Beaumont, TX January 2013 to September 2015
• verified customer age prior to serving
• Provided cocktails and mixed drinks for multiple dining options • Worked in a fast paced restaurant and bar
• Performed barback duties
• Ran food and alcoholic drinks for patrons
• Followed food and drink safety procedures
• Ran alcoholic drinks for guests
• Worked in a fast paced bar
• Set guests at ease
• verified customer age prior to serving
• 4 years of experience with preparing mixed drinks
• Performed barback duties
• Worked from 7 AM to 12 AM


Bachelor's in History
2009 to 2016
High school diploma in Diploma
Lumberton High School - Lumberton, TX
August 2006 to May 2009



• Microsoft Office (10+ years)
• Microsoft Word (10+ years)
• Microsoft Outlook (10+ years) • Typing (10+ years)
• Computer Literacy (10+ years) • Computer Skills (10+ years)
• Windows (10+ years)
• Transcription (1 year)
• Customer Service (10+ years)
• Phone Etiquette (5 years)
• Customer Service Experience (10+ years) • Content Creation (5 years)
• E-Commerce (3 years)
• Business Management (2 years)
• Illustration (10+ years)
• Graphic Design (5 years)
• Internet Research (5 years)
• Writing Skills (10+ years)
• Written Communication (10+ years)
• Social Media Marketing (3 years)
• CRM Software (1 year)
• Schedule Management (1 year)
• Digital Marketing (2 years)
• Salesforce (Less than 1 year)
• Proofreading (7 years)
• Copywriting
• Branding
• Social Media Management
• Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Assessments (via

Customer Focus & Orientation — Highly Proficient
June 2020
Responding to customer situations with sensitivity Full results: Highly Proficient
Social Media — Expert
June 2020
Creating content, communicating online, and building a brand's reputation. Full results: Expert
Search Engine Optimization — Familiar
June 2020
Interpreting online website performance metrics and understanding search engine optimization tactics Full results: Familiar
Call Center Customer Service — Proficient
June 2020
Applying customer service skills in a call center setting. Full results: Proficient
Typing — Highly Proficient
June 2020
Transcribing text using a standard keyboard Full results: Highly Proficient
Customer Service — Highly Proficient
June 2020
Identifying and resolving common customer issues Full results: Highly Proficient
Composing & Sorting Email with Gmail — Proficient
July 2020
Effectively composing and organizing Gmail messages. Full results: Proficient
Data Entry — Highly Proficient
July 2020
Entering data quickly and accurately Full results: Highly Proficient
Customer Focus & Orientation — Highly Proficient
June 2020
Responding to customer situations with sensitivity Full results: Highly Proficient
Front Desk Agent (Hotel) — Highly Proficient
July 2020
Selecting hotel rooms based on verbal requests and identifying errors in hotel data Full results: Highly Proficient
Customer Service — Highly Proficient
June 2020
Identifying and resolving common customer issues Full results: Highly Proficient
Basic Computer Skills: PC — Highly Proficient
August 2020
Performing basic computer operations, navigating a Windows OS, and troubleshooting common computer problems.
Full results: Highly Proficient
Typing — Highly Proficient
June 2020
Transcribing text using a standard keyboard Full results: Highly Proficient

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